a pair of botanical-silhouette inspired earrings

Embrace the subtle beauty of nature with the Serene earrings. Inspired by the natural curves and lines of Monstera plant leaves, these versatile earrings are suitable for many occasions, from everyday wear to special occasions. With their minimal aesthetic, they capture the simple yet stunning details of nature in a subtle and refined way.

Serene 耳環將大自然中細微的美感納入設計中。設計靈感來自於龜背竹屬 (Monstera) 植物葉片的線條及空洞,這些靈活的設計使這副耳環能融入各種穿搭場合。這副耳環極簡的美學充分並低調的展現出大自然中那簡單但迷人的細節。

Year : 2019

Material : Formlabs Tough 2000 Resin, Satin Polar Bear White Paint, Textured French Blue Paint, Sterling Silver

Dimension (mm) : L 20 / W 13 / E 4

Production: 3DSmith Studio CA/ Shapeways NL