a dynamic dimness lamp

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese phrase that refers to the source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthy. An expression of "the value that one finds in his or her daily life." The Ikigai lamp adapts that notion in which by performing a simple act of pulling the centre tubing of the lamp, the light will gradually light up and increase in brightness representing the little things in lives that are precious.

The form of the lamp is inspired by the Venn diagram created by Marc Winn that visualizes and interprets the meaning of the phrase. Similarly to the diagram, each of the lighting tubings stands for something valuable in life. The centre tubing is where all those values are gathered. By pulling the tubing, one slowly illuminated the lamp and obtained the treasurable moments in life.

Ikigai (生き甲斐) 是一個日文片語形容生命中充實一個人價值的事物。一個用以表示「人們於日常生活中所發掘的價值」的詞彙。Ikigai 桌燈透過拉動中間燈管的簡單動作來點亮並提高燈光量度相呼應了這個概念裡生活中值得紀念的微小珍貴事物。

這款桌燈的外觀受到了由 Marc Winn 所製作用來解釋該詞彙的維恩圖表所啟發,猶如圖表每一個燈管都對應著某件生命中有價值的事物。而中間的燈管象徵著這些有價值事物的重疊處,藉由拉動這根燈管來慢慢的點亮桌燈並尋獲生命中的可貴時光。

Year : 2018

Material : Aluminium With Textured Finish, Etched Opal Glass, ABS Plastic, 12 Volts Integrated LED

Dimension (mm) : L 215 / W 183 / H 184

Instructor : Scott Staniland