a lounge chair for indoor > outdoor

The rapid urbanizing development and the trend of smaller housing units around the globe are pushing people to rethink the hidden potentials within furnitures that occupy their home space. The Hyvä lounge chair introduces a new balance between aesthetically and practicality. It features a rotatable backrest that can be set and stay in place at one of the three adjustable spots to satisfy one's sitting positions.

Hyvä is constructed entirely with thermal modified Ash, a lightweight weather resistance wood material, and designed to consist of rounded and slimmer parts that made it easy to carry between indoor and outdoor occasions. The smooth and streamlined design language redefined the possibilities of bulky lounge chairs and elevates the connection of forms and surroundings.

隨著世界各地高速的城市化發展及小型住宅空間的盛行,促使人們重新思考並發掘家具在居家空間的淺在發展空間。Hyvä 休閒椅再次定義了美感與實用性的平衡,藉由可旋轉的三段式椅背來調整並找到自己的舒適坐姿。


Year : 2019

Material : Thermo Treated Ash Wood (Scotty Wood)

Dimension (mm) : L 610 / W 560 / H 704

Instructor : Christian Blyt

Collaborator: Eve Suen / Kat Zhang

Company: Article Furniture