an underwater-like immersive pendant lamp

The Dive Pendant’s amusing and marvellous illuminating pattern echoes the refracting gleams seen above and below the water’s surfaces. To bring the fascinating projection into an interior space, a wide-angled LED projects through an uneven ripple glass surface. The glass is made out of recycled green glass and inherits the light turquoise colour that resembles water. The form of the glass takes on the silhouette of sea waves and brings out the ever-changing illusion from different angles. The Dive Pendant presents the hidden little sensation within the nature of water surfaces and invites people to fully immerse themselves in a diving-underwater-like experience in everyday living spaces.

D i v e 吊燈藉由光線穿透及反射玻璃時所產生的曼妙與趣味性光暈來相呼應海平面上下水常見的光線折射。利用一個廣角LED光束穿透來刻意模仿海浪不規則的玻璃表面,以此模擬出水面折射的迷人光線並將其帶入室內空間裡。吊燈玻璃以經過處理的回收玻璃瓶製成,並延續了玻璃瓶本身猶如海水的翠綠色。看似海浪輪廓的玻璃外型賦予了從各個角度所產生的多樣化造型。 D i v e 吊燈呈現了大自然中那些細微卻令人感動的水面多樣性,並邀請人們透過這盞燈在日常生活環境中依然能完全沈浸於猶如潛水一般的體驗。

Year : 2022

Material : Glass: Recycled Green Glass/ Ceiling Rose, Rods, Plate: Steel/ LED Support: Aluminium

Light Source: Bayonet 12V 20W Wide Beam Angle LED Bulb

Dimension (mm) : L 760 / W 727 / H 655

Competition : L A M P - International Lighting Design 2022