a wearable discomfort reliever for travellers

aCUE is a wearable massaging device that relieves upper back pain, shoulder soreness, and neck discomfort for long-distance travellers and urban commuters. It features two high torque motors powering massaging bits that stimulate the small intestine meridian acupoints to alleviate body pain. And the built-in heaters on two ends provide heating around the neck to keep a traveller warm and cozy on their journey.

aCUE 是一款專為長途旅行者及都市通勤者所設計的肩頸酸痛及背部舒壓穿戴式按摩裝置。位於裝置兩側各有一個高強度馬達驅動著按摩頭來針對劍經經絡穴位進行按摩放鬆。此按摩裝置兩側末端內建有加溫功能以舒緩肩頸並提供使用者一段愜意的旅程。

Year : 2020

Material : PETG, PU, Skin Safe Silicone

Dimension (mm) : L 137.5 / W 164.5 / H 28.8

Instructor : Keith Doyle / Scott Staniland / Sophie Gaur